Tourism in Dubai

Dubai is one of the propounded tourism destinations situated in the middle east. Dubai is admeasured from 2 different angles i.e. from economic perspective and destination of fantasies.

Dubai is the most tourist loved destination was founded in 3000 BCE and is the most successful nation which has grown at a passive pace to serve approximately 8.1 M of the tourist with its beauty and perseverance.

Government in Dubai has authorised/empowered DTCM (Department of Tourism and commerce marketing) to be the governing body in order to issue legislation and instruction in conjunction with tourism.

Recently a nominal fee in DHIRAM has been imposed by DTCM which seems to have no negative impact on the tourism business in Dubai which proves to be a lifeline for the DTCM though the amount of fee collected is less as compared to other nations. There will be no dissemination of the amount collected as fees and the whole amount collected will be re-invested to promote tourism.

There are several malls and shopping complex for eg: Ski Dubai, Mall of Dubai, Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building), Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi Park, Desert Safari etc., which plays a big role in the growth of Dubai tourism.

There is one more distinguished and the most astonishing feature which makes Dubai one of the most demanding tourist destinations i.e., Food in Dubai is Fantastic. There are lots of hotels, Luxurious restaurants and Bars in Dubai where you can enjoy the Feast. The City is full of Alcohol and high-end champagne bars. Dubai is well connected by different flights from Delhi and other major cities of India. Hence, reaching there is not a big hassle for you.

Apart from the luxurious life offered by Dubai tourism, there are also some strict rules and regulations which need to be adhered to if you are planning to go on for a vacation in Dubai. For eg: no Drunk and Drive, no kissing on public places, no shy-skapping while driving etc,

On a closing notch I would suggest that Dubai tourism plays a big role in making our vacations more delightful and full of energy so that our hard-earned money is utilised at its best. Dubai is not only a dream destination for the youngsters but it is proving to be a sight of attraction for the all age group as well.