Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Golf and the Increasing Popularity of Inclusive Golf Tours

Although the exact figures are difficult to hone in on, it is believed that somewhere between 50 to 70 million people engage in at least one or two golf outings each year, which actually places golf ahead of baseball, MMA, American football, cycling, and swimming in terms of popularity and participation.

Few things can be compared to the relaxing yet revitalising experience of spending a day out on the greens with your colleagues or significant other, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that golf courses can be found in 208 out of the 245 countries on Earth.

Thus, we’ve created this instructive write-up to help you enhance your knowledge of golf trivia and to delineate an interesting modern trend with regard to luxury golf trips.

Enthralling Facts and Figures about the Sport

Even if you’ve been golfing for many years and feel as though you are a seasoned, well-versed expert, you likely didn’t know at least some of the following details regarding the past and present of this amazing sport:

  • The origins of golf are hotly debated but most experts agree that it came about in Scotland during the 1500s. However, historical texts and recent archaeological discoveries have lent some credence to the notion that Chinese sportsmen invented a very similar game back in 940 AD.
  • The term birdie was coined during the late 1800s, when Ab Smith shouted out, “That was a bird of a shot!” after scoring one under par on the second hole at an Atlantic City golf course. The expression spread like wildfire and became a mainstay throughout the world.
  • A recent study found that only 19% of golfers in the world will achieve a handicap below 18 so you should never feel bad about your handicap, no matter how much fun your colleagues poke at you.
  • Believe it or not, the youngest-ever person to shoot a hole-in-one was five years old. Roughly 40 years ago, Cosby Orr accomplished this astonishing feat and he still holds the title to this day.
  • Famous golfer Phil Mickelson is often referred to as Leftie by his fans but did you know that he was born right-handed? As a child, he began to mimic his father’s left-handed form and the habit ended up sticking with him for life and through four Major championships to boot.

Now that we’ve highlighted these obscured bits of info, let’s take a moment to explain the reasons why holiday golfing tours are becoming a highly sought-after vacation option in today’s day and age.

A Captivating Journey for Golf Fans

With nearly 35,000 courses spread across the globe, golfers have a seemingly infinite number of opportunities to engage in adventurous, golf-centric expeditions but it’s important to understand that the best way to experience this type of excursion is to partner with a specialised travel agency that focuses solely on facilitating comprehensive tours.

Whether you happen to be interested in exotic Thailand golf holidays or domestic retreats right here in Australia, today’s most venerated travel organisations can help you create an individualised programme in a multitude of countries.

From the accommodation bookings and travel arrangements to the actual golf equipment, dinner plans, event tickets, and every other holiday mainstay, your dedicated liaison will handle the entire process from start to finish so be sure to visit the website of a golf travel company to begin evaluating your options.