Roman Forum Tour – Know the Significance of the Place

The Roman Forum entrance and the general Palatine Hill area come with the Colosseum tickets and tours. There is Roman Forum tour by night as well. It may be difficult for the visitors at first sight to appreciate the Roman Forum as it has the remnants of classical Rome that fared the worse. The Colosseum is recognized to be 2000 years old, while the Foro Romano was looted during late antiquity for building materials and the Middle Ages has very little left.  However, remember to get some knowledge and also carry a good map.

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was regarded to be the universe center and not the ancient city core. Right from the empire’s birth in 31 BC under Augustus and for 500 years thereafter, the fact was that Rome was highly honored as it ruled most and was referred to as the civilized world. Right from Gibraltar to the Euphrates, Scotland to Sahara, the Roman Empire was in full control. Moreover, Rome was the alphabets handmaiden; it featured legal institutions and also was the creator in architecture coming with startling new horizons.

These five acres ruled the world and it was done by setting a legal place and in association was the military system that offered the word Forum to the language as a debate, decision, and discussion place. This Forum in 45BC was Julius Caesar’s residence and he demonstration his absolute power. Eventually, it saw the collapse of Rome and invasion by barbarians of northern Europe that resulted in the Forum decay in the fourth and fifth centuries AD.

This marshland was acquired again by the Romans and they turned it into the hub of the city’s social and political life. It became the main marketplace, the town hall and the business district. It was the seat of the law courts and the government.

Forum Image

As you dig the ruins, you get to know a lot. The Via Sacra runs through the Forum center and the Ancient Rome main street runs in the west from the Capitoline Hill to the Arch of Titus. the victorios emperors and generals would parade and later finished on the Capitoline Hill at the Temple of Juupiter. The steps running at the Forum main entrance road alongside are the Regia fragments, the Old kings of Rome house foundations. This refers to Numa, who ruled from715 to 673BC, as the second king.

Moving on, the Temple of Castor and Pollux , in the Forum is the oldest temple, and dates to 484BC. Now it is a pile of stones featuring three columns. The House of the Vestal Virgins is the next and the Vesta Temple that was constructed again in the second century AD. This was rededicated as Christian Church of Santi Cosma e Damiano.

One of the Forum’s later buildings is most impressive. It was Basilica Maxentius , built in the fourth century AD. They used the Romans expertise in building with concrete. Michelangelo used the Basilica arches as a model as he was facing issues with construction problems of St Peter’s dome, a thousand years later.