Must Follow Dos and Don’ts of Visiting London

Every traveler who is keen in exploring London must be aware of the generic dos and don’ts of visiting the city. You may have a lot of experience in travelling but, every place has its rules and regulations that we must adhere to. Some of these norms maybe common to know and must be followed by all. The remaining rules are general etiquette that people in London really appreciate if you follow these.

The more you are aware of what to do and what not to do, the closer you will feel connected with London and its people.

Dos and don’ts of visiting London:

Do apologize – If you happen to accidentally stamp on someone’s foot while traveling in a train, do apologize. It is considered impolite if you do not apologize to someone for your mistake even if it is unintentional.

Avoid strangers – It’s a rule everywhere regardless of which part of globe do you travel. Avoid talking to strangers especially when you are taking a public transport. Do not get distracted by the general chit chat of people around you.

Avoid tubes always – Tubes are not the only option to explore London. Avoid the underground station often and always check the map of your route before you commence your journey. It is always wise to be prepared than to act like a dumb.

Check out the pubs – London is a hub of amazing pubs. You can’t resist the local pint of beer served here. Its mind blowing! Most pubs do not follow or expect the tipping courtesy. The service charge is already included. Try some of the local pints at some good local pubs and we bet it will be worth it!

Explore the free attractions – London is loaded with some free rides and attractions for the tourists. Most museums and cultural attractions are free to explore. Use this advantage and check the most of London at places like the British Museum, Natural History Museum, and more.

Use an Oyster card – Prepaid card or an Oyster card comes really handy while using public transport. You can collect it from the airport kiosk and return it while coming back to your homeland. Usually, Oyster cards work on refundable deposits.

London is the city of dreams. Plan good amount of time to visit this place to make the most of it. For more details, explore