Island Hopping In Central Dalmatia

If you have been looking for a European destination that’s beyond the ordinary, Croatia should fit the bill. Central Dalmatia has some of the most amazing beaches in Europe, including the much Zlatni Rat. I was in Split for a week, but I wanted to do more beyond the basics. I checked up online and found a bunch of Split island tours, which included travel to Brac, Hvar, and Solta. After contemplating the choices, I booked half a day tour with Summer Blues Boat Tours.

What my trip looked like?

I went for a trip on Sunday, so that I don’t have to be awake by 9 am, which worked fine. We started off in a well-maintained and new catamaran at around 1 pm from Split port. At around 2.15, we reached one of the isolated bays in Brac, where we had a swim stop. It’s been a while that I had taken a swim since I was in Split, I couldn’t ask for more. As we sailed further, we checked the stunning Milna village and sailed all the way to Island Solta, and by then, it was about 4 pm. Near the Stomorska village, we had a nice swim stop, which almost felt virgin. We sailed back to Split by the time it was 5.30.

Do I recommend it?

As a travel blogger, I love paying for experiences, and if that’s something you want to indulge in, I recommend taking a half-day tour to Brac by all means. There are also day-tours available to Brac, which can be availed on weekdays, and you can have the much-famed Zlatni Rat beach on the list. Depending on the service you choose, you will have drinks, food onboard, and the quality of what I was served was actually better than expected. I really enjoyed the fresh local fruits and the nice chicken salad actually helped in having a light meal. The “Summer Blues cocktail” served onboard is also worth mentioning. We had Wi-Fi on-board for free, so my Instagram was pretty loaded.

Island trips in Central Dalmatia are pretty busy between May and October, and you may have to sell more in August and July, but the experience is worth it. Check what is being offered before you place the booking. From Split, you can spend at least four days hopping between the islands of Central Dalmatia, and that’s an activity most travellers recommended during my stay.