Ideas for a Weekend at Laval, Quebec

Laval is one of the biggest suburbs of Montreal and also one of biggest cities in Canada. The geographical position of Laval is what makes it interesting to us, tourists. She is separated from the mainland by the River des Mille Iles and to south by River des Prairies. Now you get what she looks like, I can tell you what she holds for her visitors. These weekend ideas at Laval or as they say in Laval, Journalier Laval are only suggestion and city holds much more for any kind of tourism most travellers are looking for.

The Cosmodome

The Cosmodrome is one of the top attractions of the city and was the star attraction even during the “Canadian Hockey League” as its affiliation. Now if you are travelling with kids it’s a must for your kids.

The Cosmodrome is home to one of five of the world’s space camps; Space Camp Canada. It is also home to the Space Science Centre. Children between the ages of 9 and 15 can enrol in space camp and will actually get the chance to ride in a spaceship; a simulated one. Space Camp Canada also has other activities to get the kids ready for outer space. The Space Science Centre is great for everyone, especially those interested in space. It has a life-sized space shuttle cockpit on display, as well as a real lunar rock.

Centre de la nature

Centre de la nature is an outstanding 50-hectare park that is open throughout the entire year. It is a fantastic place for nature lovers or anyone that wants to spend some time surrounded by natural beauty. In addition to gardens, Centre de la nature is also home to numerous farm animals. It also offers activities all year, including hiking, tobogganing, skating, picnicking, fishing and cross-country skiing. Hence, this huge park holds something for all kind of visitors, the adventure sports and the nature lovers or even a family picnic is easily answered in this destination.

The Chateau Taillefer Lafon

The Château Taillefer Lafon vineyard is one of Quebec’s largest vineyards. It is also the first one to be authorised to use ‘Château’ in its name. Take a tour of the beautiful vineyard and taste some of its most distinctive wines. Finish the tour off by purchasing a bottle to take home with you. Chateau Taillefer Lafon produces white rosé and red wines, as well as sparkling and fortified white wine. It also makes a fantastic ice cider.