I Didn’t know that: Top 10 tips on traveling of the decade

God’s creation is mesmerizing. Every place in the world has its own unique beauty. May it be the forests of the Amazon, or the Sahara desert or the beaches of Goa or the majestic Himalayan mountain ranges or the city of New York or London. Everything is beautiful. Everything tells a story.  Most of us are curious to listen to that story. We all love to travel. We all love to explore these untold secrets. We all are in need of few hacks that would make our travel easy. Here are ten such interesting tips for you.

  1. A trip is an opportunity to explore everything. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to explore yourself. Exploring yourself will gain you more confidence, So try everything new. Go to the extremes and be yourself.  Do not limit yourself.
  2. India is a place where you find varieties of food in every state. Every state has its own delicacy. Do not forget to try all the special food of the place you visit. If you hesitate on food in India, you are missing out a great deal.
  3. If you are going on a trip to Goa from Delhi, Remember trains are really a bad option. Go for Delhi to Goa flights. There are very convenient methods of online Delhi to Goa flight bookings. Websites provides mind-blowing deals on flight bookings.
  4. Book your hotels online. Do not wait for the last moment. Be an early bird and grab the best of the deals. It is very easy to find affordable and very comfortable hotels online. Go ahead and book them now.
  5. Always remember not to overburden yourself with extra luggage. Pack compact. Carrying tons of luggage may be a hassle even while traveling in your Delhi to Goa flight. You will have to pay extra for the luggage. So, to avoid all this, Travel light. Be comfortable. Enjoy your trip.
  6. If you are trying to save money during your trip to use it for better purposes, Make use of the public transport system of that place. Places like Goa even have a two-wheeler taxi system. Using them will save a lot of money.
  7. If you are planning to use the public transport system, always try to learn a few phrases of the local language at least to interact with the auto drivers and the bus drivers. Knowing the local language will prove it really helpful.
  8. Stay alert about the price fluctuations of flight fares. Register yourself on few websites. Allow them to send you regular notifications on the changing prices.
  9. To ensure that you do not forget anything, make a list of all the places you want to visit and accordingly make a list of things you might need. Say you are traveling to Goa, swimsuit and sunscreen lotion is a must. Say you are traveling to Shimla, warm clothes are a must. If you are going trekking, trekking shoes will be a must. So make the list of things according to the places you are going to visit and the activities you might engage yourself in.
  10. Capture all the golden moments. Those will always make you happy in future. Whenever you see those pictures, they will remind you of those cherished memories and bring a smile on your face.