Few Things to Know About Dominican Republic Before Travelling to This Island

If you are interested to spend your time on beaches, seeing villages and enjoy wildlife then you can plan to visit Dominican Republic which is a Latin Caribbean country.

Let us first list out the visiting places where you can spend your time in addition to enjoy the best Dominican Republic beaches.

  • Bahia de la Aguilas

This is one of the most stunning beaches of Dominican Republic

  • Cachote

It is in the mountains where you can enjoy beautiful cloud forest

  • Constanza

For trekking and outdoor activities this is very good location

  • Jarabacoa

This place is known as adventure capital of this island and is also a springboard for Pico Duarte.

  • Laguna de Oviedo

For wildlife spotting this saltwater lagoon is an ideal location

  • La Vegacapita

You can visit here during Sunday’s of the month of February and enjoy the colorful carnival.

  • Playa Rincon

Another beach which is in competition with Bahia de la Aguilas.

  • Punta Rucia

This is a laidback beach and here development has been deliberately avoided

  • Santo Domingo

This is a historic place of the capital city with very charming views.

Unlike other Caribbean countries, Dominican Republic has very good road network and if you hire a car then you can easily visit most of the places. However, if you are not interested to hire any car then you can prefer for local bus, as public transport system is much easier to use and is pretty good too.

Know few important information about Dominican Republic

  • Capital city: Santo Domingo
  • Population: 10 million
  • Language: Spanish
  • Time: GMT-4
  • ISD code: +1809
  • AC supply voltage: 110V, 60Hz
  • Currency: It is called Dominican Republic peso (DOP). Five banks have their ATM service which can accept any kind of credit or debit cards. You can use your credit cards in most of the tourist places of the country.

Right time to visit Dominican Republic

Being a Caribbean country, the place is warm all throughout the year however mountains like Constanza and Jarabacoa are cool place where it is quite comfortable. November to April is considered to be winter climate here which is right time for trekking and temperature is around 20 degree Centigrade. For whale watching, January to March is the best time.

If you are interested in wildlife then visit during May to July at Laguna de Oviedo and Lago Enirquillo when you can spot large groups of flamingos. August to October is good for hurricane period.