Do You Want to Have Romantic Tour to Copenhagen?

If you are a newly married couple and want to spend your time on honeymoon then Copenhagen can offer you lots of options to spend your romantic holiday in the city. Let us give you few suggestions, so that you can have a great time with your beloved.

Picnic at Rosenborg Castle Gardens

Among various parks in Copenhagen, Rosenborg castle is most visited place, where you will find a beautiful garden in the backdrop of a stunning castle. It is a very peaceful place where many romantic couples often visit to enjoy picnic. Also, you can walk down and explore the surrounding places.

Explore the Canals by Boat

You can also prefer to travel by boat through canals which is in the side of the streets instead of staying in hotel Copenhagen apartments. You can get beautiful views of the city with your partner and spend few unforgettable moments. Through boat tour you can cover most of the sight-seeing places in Copenhagen.

Can do hygge in any coffee shop

Hygge is a Danish word which does not have any equivalent English word. It conveys a feeling of coziness and comfort. You can have hygge feeling either visiting to any coffee shops or find out a lonely place where you can spend your hygge romantic moment with your partner.

Spend some time in stargazing

There is a place locally known as Rundetaarn which means round tower, this is an observation tower for various astronomical stars. You have to go through 209-meter-long staircases to reach to 36-meter-tall tower. You can visit there to have a romantic experience and look at various constellations together with your partner. This place is generally open during middle of October to mid-March.

Horse-Drawn Carriage through Dyrehaven Woods

Another romantic city expedition that you can plan is to Dyrehaven, which is a deer park. You can visit through horse driven carriage. You can find herds of deer moving around and also the natural beauty of the Denmark. This location is just 15 minutes-drive from north Copenhagen.

Cycling around the city

Though Copenhagen offers very well-organized public transport arrangement, however travelling by cycle has its own charm. You can hire rental cycles and travel around the city. There are dedicated lanes provided for cyclist and you can have safe romantic drive along with your partner.

Have a romantic dinner

There are few well-known award-winning restaurants present in Copenhagen. You can have romantic candle light dinner with your partner.