Best Educational Tours with GroundRocks

An Introduction on GroundRocks

Groundrocks is the most trusted name in organizing one of the best and informative educational tours across the globe. Their objective is to motivate young and keen travellers into developing leadership skills, building resiliency and cross cultural values. If you take up educational tour with GroundRocks, cross-cultural foundations become more concrete and this helps to transform are environment into a better place to live.

The team of GroundRocks is located around Asia. They are in close vicinity of the communities so that long-term development programs are sustained. The strength of their team comprises of volunteers from various nationalities and age groups.

The main motives of GroundRocks:

  1. Community Development: The people working with ground tours help communities in Asia for their complete development. They do it by designing mutually some beneficial programs to meet the expectations of their clients in the first place.

  1. Sustainability: In todays’ time ‘voluntourism’ has gained lot of recognition and has become very popular among people that wish to spend time in different countries. They can experience their diverse culture and in return give something back at the same time Educational tours with GroundRocks leave lifelong memories for both local communities and the participants.
  2. Cultural and Exchange Programs: GroundRocks makes all efforts to create informative and challenging journeys for curious and young people. They imbibe the values of cross-cultural sharing and help to provide a sustainable environment around.

Points covered in the Asia Volunteering Program and Educational Tours with GroundRocks:

  • Orientation and basic language lessons.
  • Welcome party or a get together in which all the members interact with each other to know one another.

  • There is service-learning project in a local community, which goes on for five or six days. This might be a building of a new project, working on an on-going renovation development or English tutorial.
  • A community journey.
  • Fun city treks, which can be activities like some challenges and selfie-hunts.
  • A visit to the local sights and markets to shop for food, necessities and to party!

The team of GroundRocks specializes in preparing the itinerary according to your preference. These tours can be a one day field trip, picnics, hiking or your curriculum based educational tours. They are quite flexible in their approach.

Educational tours with GroundRocks aims not only to imbibe understanding of community development in travelers, business teams and students but also focuses on the knowledge a person gets on visiting a particular destination.