7 Experiences Worth Indulging On A Trip To Thailand!

Southeast Asia has a long list of incredible gems, and Thailand is certainly one of them. From the hustle-bustle of Bangkok to the incredible mountains in the north, there are endless experiences one can indulge in Thailand. In this post, we bring a list that should be a part of your plan.

  • Shopping in Bangkok. Well, get ready to haggle, and you can shop endlessly in Bangkok. For the unique experience, go to the floating market. Bangkok is a great place to buy branded stuff for cheap rates, and you can find something for everyone.

  • Enjoy snorkeling. If you are fond of snorkeling, Koh Lipe is a good place to go. Koh Adang is also close by. The good thing is you get all the assistance you need for snorkeling, and the experience is beyond words.
  • Stay at a good resort. Staying at a luxury boutique hotel Thailand is not something to be missed. While you can always find cheap options, the better hotels offer an incredible mix of facilities and services that can change your day by the evening.

  • Head to Krabi on a private boat. Yes, you can ditch the regular scheduled tour and head to the Four Islands on your private boat. The experience is just incredible, and you can even have beer along the way. The locals can also guide on snorkeling.
  • Get a Thai massage. If you are used to oil massages, Thai body massage can be a good change. The massage is a dry one, where you need to cooperate with the expert in doing different yoga poses. You can also opt for a reflexology foot massage.

  • Similan Islands for diving. From Phang-Nga, you can make time for Similan Islands, which is like 90 minutes away on a speedboat. The beauty of underwater life, tropical fish, and corals is a sight to behold, and you will love diving here, which is a must.
  • Phi Phi Islands for fun. Just 90 minutes away from Phuket, Phi Phi Islands are poster perfect in the ways you would imagine. The sunsets are fun for sure, but get ready for the incredible nightlife, consisting of bars, clubs and more.

If this is your first trip to Thailand, make sure that you book all the things in advance. Many of the parks do sell tickets online, and hotel rooms can be checked on respective websites. Pack your bags and get going!